Two stories of the Hindu God Hanuman with a craft activity during the interval

Hanuman Moves a Mountain

Hanuman, the respected Monkey King, following the epic battle between good and evil on the island of Lanka, makes it his duty to save Ram’s brother, Lakshman. There is only one plant that can save him and when unable to identify it, Hanuman uses his strength to lift up a whole mountain and fly with it to Lakshman.  Will he survive? Could you help Hanuman on his journey?

And Attempts to Eat the Sun

The baby bundle of mischief, Hanuman, wanted to eat everything! To him the sun appeared as a bright, orange, ripe fruit. Leaping high into the air, Hanuman attempts to eat the sun. A comic take on one of the earliest Hanuman stories, lifts us up, celebrates the sun and teaches us a lesson. This loveable Monkey’s tale is told through puppetry, dance and play.

Genre - Family, Puppet Show

Minimum Age - Five

Disabled access –YES 

Disabled Toilets –YES 

Loop/Infra Red System –NO

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