If you're a fan of Facebook then you might have seen various posts about helping out the NHS.

Our Centre Administrator, Jodie, has been in touch with staff from two hospitals who are after the bands to attach their face mask to, to stop them from irritating the back of their ears and also matching sets of hearts - one to give to the patient and one to give to the family.

If you do create items, if it is possible to put them in a sealed bag with the date and time it was sealed then it helps with their process as they know how long they've been untouched!

If you would like to have a go at making some of these items, then there's a few links to tutorials that you could follow:




The details of where to send them to are:

Elizabeth Marshall

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Molecular Pathology Minus One

Mindelsohn Way


B15 2TT


Amanda Winwood

Sandwell Hospital


West Bromwich

B71 4HJ

Sandwell Hospital are also looking for donations of water, energy bars, lip balm, hand cream, hand lotion, facepacks, face cream and wipes to give to the frontline workers to ensure that they are hydrated and have some snacks to fuel them during the long shifts wearing the PPE - also also some treat!

These can be dropped off at the pop up shop on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 1pm and 4pm.  The shop is number 12 on the map at Sandwell Hospital.