Six new volunteers supporting the Centre

We have recruited a total of six new volunteers during the winter months working alongside the Volunteer Centre in Sandwell. We would like to thank our volunteers for their help and support as they each make an incredible difference to the running of the Centre and support our long term goals. Here's an insight into what they have been up to. 


Derek has been working alongside our CEO and supporting us with funding applications. Derek visits the Centre once a week and discusses the funding strategy before going away and carrying out the relevant research and sourcing funders.


Sanjaya also visits once a week and meets up with our CEO to discuss a variety of opportunities around income generation through trading. Sanjaya has also spoken with Centre visitors and played a key role in the creation of our consultation questionnaires.


As well as attending sewing, knitting, and yoga classes, Christine also gives up a couple of hours a week of her time to buffer our new hall floor, ensuring that it remains in a good, clean condition. Christine will come in additionally if there have been parties or a big event in the hall to make sure it is clean and ready for the next group.


Gail has played a key role on reception in our foyer area during the weekday afternoons. Gail takes phone calls and meets and greets visitors as they come in. Gail also carries out checks around the Centre checking that everything is as it should be.

Faisal & Tony

These two gentleman have recently joined the team with a view to updating and maintaining this wonderful new website! Tony is also attending the Centre on a Tuesday supporting Kim in the Art Group and setting up the Large Hall ready for the Gentle Exercise class at 1.30pm.

Are you interested in volunteering at the Centre - See here for more details.