Nursery Level 2 Practitioner 


When did you start at Conifers? 

October 2019

What do you enjoy most about your role at Conifers?

Being around all the amazing children, watching their personalities grow day by day and making beautiful bonds with all of the children and their families

What one thing would you change at Conifers?

Nothing, Conifers is an amazing place to work at with lovely staff and children.

What are your hobbies?

I love to bake different cakes and cookies I also love music and go to many concerts throughout the year.

What is your favourite film?
I’ve got lots favourites but one of my favourites is Love Rosie. 

What is your favourite food?
Mexican food

What is your favourite holiday destination?


What is your favourite book?

Romeo and Juliet


What makes you laugh? 

Being out my friends 

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

The name Melissa is of Greek origin meaning "honeybee”