Sunday 18th July 2021 at The Dorothy Parkes Centre



Every gong bath is unique and each person’s experience will be varied, and as gong baths are a mode of meditation through the mind becoming quiet, you may find that this is a welcome opportunity for inspirations, new ideas or breakthroughs to come to you in this session. The sound of these gongs help the brain, the delta and theta brain wave states reach a deep state of relaxation.

Manoj will create a sound experience and hold space for all guests to receive the healing sounds of the gong. Please bring your own props, mats, blankets, bolster (please no sleeping bags as they make sounds) and anything you need to help you feel cosy.  Guests can lay or be seated.

During the full moon, the Moon, Earth and Sun are aligned, with the moon opposite the sun illuminating the whole moon visible from Earth. This marks the midpoint of the 29 day lunar cycle. This period can be a very challenging or intense period of energy, but one of great potential as lunar & solar, the yin and yang are in natural harmonic balance. The energy of a Full Moon is heightened, and emotions, feelings, mental process and dreams can be amplified. Sometimes this can cause tension and uncomfortable friction.
However, this is a powerful time for gratitude and a time to acknowledge and reflect upon all the experiences that have helped you live your life in this moment. The Full Moon is an ideal time to let go of anything that isn’t serving your higher purpose, we want to release or end. By identifying and letting go of negative influences in our life, we are best able to walk proudly on our path with those that matter.
The Dorothy Parkes centre is a beautiful covid safe venue with a rich history in providing a safe space for all members of the  community. Covid procedures will be included with booking and there is lots of information here in regards to keeping everyone safe.

Arrive 2:10pm-2:25pm for 2:30pm start. No admittance after 2:25pm.

Please book https://www.manojyoga.co.uk/.../full-moon-gong-bath...

Very limited spaces. Non refundable. Transfers at Manoj’s discretion. Please do not attend if unwell and contact Manoj at least 24 hours in advance.

For questions or accessibility requests regarding the event, please contact Manoj here:
[email protected]