Free, fun and fresh air

In June and July 2021 we ran a number of sessions down at our Community Allotment Plot where children aged 3-9 years olds were given the opportunity to come to a space where they could explore nature, get creative and engage in planting, growing and nurturing plants.

The children had the chance to bug hunt, make a mud pie in our mud kitchen,  spend time in a den, and paint a picture using natural paint.

Parents were required to stay with their children during each session and were even encouraged to join in if they wanted to.

We are now booking for the August sessions and you can register for your place below. 




Here's what some parents have had to say about their time at the allotment.....

“Lydia-Serene enjoyed her allotment play sessions. Being able to be in a natural green space in a built up town was a wonderful experience for her. Especially due to the COVID restrictions, which had prevented us going on days out. After her sessions she would share with Nursery, family and friends about her play session. It also gave me the opportunity to take part in her learning as well.  Each week she would look forward to the sessions and was disappointed when the sessions came to an end. Lydia-Serene loved the activities tables each week. However the mud kitchen was her favourite! I was in the process of saving for a mud kitchen for her, however the play session showed me that you did not have to spend a lot on a pre made one. I could make one using pallets and old kitchen items. Lydia-Serene would love to attend the sessions again! It would be great if further funding was available for more sessions."
"Just a thank you to say the children thoroughly enjoyed their allotment sessions and learnt lots too which was great.  We bought in some biscuits as a thank you for the volunteers, they did an amazing job"