Zumba Gold


Classes taken by Karen of KD Beatz & Zumba Fitness 

07960 508 151 

Thursdays @ 11.30am - 12.15pm   

Classes are £5 per person 

All are welcome to join - contact Karen for details 

Chairs provided for less mobile people.


Lets get fit in a fun way!!! 

Taken from https://www.gransnet.com/health/zumba-gold here's what Zumba Gold is all about!

You may have heard of Zumba, the world-wide, dance-fitness phenomenon - but have you heard of Zumba Gold? It was specifically designed with older people in mind and is perfect for anyone who wants to burn calories, strengthen their muscles and boost their mood, all while enjoying a bit of a boogie.

Created in the late-nineties, the now world-famous exercise program was developed by Alberto “Beto” Perez, an expert choreographer and Colombian dancer.

Zumba may feel a bit like a disco but is in fact an aerobic workout which combines various dance moves, including those from salsa, samba, mambo, cha cha and more, all to the sound of fabulous Latin music. It boasts numerous health benefits, both mental and physical, and is one of the most popular exercises among women in the UK today.

As the more mature sister of the original workout, Zumba Gold is ideal for older adults and beginners due to it’s easy-to-follow choreography, slower pace and shorter class length. No experience is required and you can be any fitness level to join a class.

Though a lower intensity than regular Zumba, the hip-shaking classes still allow you to work up a sweat - and are lots of fun too! And, while also being an excellent form of cardio, it strengthens muscles and improves flexibility, balance and coordination.