▪️ 12 UK males die by suicide every day


▪️ For every completed suicide, there are 20 attempted suicides


▪️ 75% of all completed suicides are male


Isn’t it about time we talked about mental health? 


Not just our own, but the mental health of those around us. 


In partnership with Sandwell Public Health, Tough Enough To Care are offering FREE mental health awareness courses.


Why you? 

Because we ALL have mental health but not many of us seem to want to talk about it.


What will you learn? 

🔹 A base understanding of what mental health is

🔹 How to spot when those around you are struggling with their mental health 

🔹 Techniques to manage well health 

🔹 Suicide prevention skills

🔹 How best to signpost someone to professional services


How will it benefit you? 

Hopefully you will be never need to use 90% of what the session covers. But simply knowing what to do in a crisis situation could very possibly save the life of a loved one, colleague or team mate.


These sessions are aimed at men living within Sandwell and are completely FREE of charge.