We were disappointed and saddened that the funding for the youth provision at Dorothy Parkes Centre ended on Monday 31st July 2023 and therefore there have been no more youth clubs or activities after this date.

The youth provision at Dorothy Parkes Centre had been funded by BBC Children in Need since August 2019. Initially we had three years funding, but we were granted an extension year, partly due to the disruption caused by COVID. As a result of this funding, we were able to provide two youth clubs each week and extra provision during the school holidays for the last four years. The youth provision supported well over 200 children and was aimed at improving confidence, increasing self-esteem, and promoting independence for all of the children. We were also able to provide some memorable experiences such as the ‘On the Water’ programme and attendance at some of the Commonwealth Games events last summer.

The average attendance at our sessions was 38 by the end, so we know that there is a need and a demand for this provision, and we will be working hard to secure further funding. We would like to thank all of our members of staff, volunteers, children and parents/guardians who were involved in the project over the last four years for all of their co-operation and support.

Below are some links to other youth provision taking place over the summer and support for families:

Sandwell Holiday Activities - https://holidayactivities.sandwell.gov.uk/

Sandwell Family Hubs - https://www.sandwellfamilyhubs.com/