Our Community Allotment project has been a huge success this year under the stewardship of our Plot Lead, Paul.

Paul was employed to increase the quantity of crops grown and general housekeeping of the plot with the help of dedicated volunteers and they have all gone above and beyond our expectations.

Some key points from this project in 2022 so far:

  • 472 hours of volunteer support via 32 volunteers
  • 150 families have enjoyed free play plot sessions on a Saturday morning delivered by volunteers
  • Visits from six classes from two local primary schools helping 138 pupils learn about allotments
  • Donation of plywood from Arnold Laver timber merchants to help us insulate our shed/summerhouse/classroom
  • Seven volunteers from Liverpool Victoria Insurance Group helped us decorate our shed/summerhouse/classroom
  • Mass variety of produce which has been given to our local foodbank, pantry, volunteers, centre visitors & families in need
  • Supported the main allotment committee in securing funds for increased boundary fencing and razor wire to improve the security of the site
  • Developed the plot to incorporate accessibility, community activity, produce and biodiversity enabling us to offer a wide range of provision i.e., opportunities for the community to come and help out, or to embrace and enjoy the facility, read a book, etc.

Produce grown this year:

  • 3 varieties of potato – Charlotte, Kind Edward, and Desiree
  • 5 varieties of tomatoes – Alka, Gardeners Delight, Fandango, Big Daddy and Mizano
  • Various types of peppers, cucumbers, radish, lettuce, courgette, pumpkin, beetroot, butternut squash, runner beans and French beans (although both beans have had a tough year!), cabbage, cauliflower, kale, spring onions, sweetcorn, carrots, sprouts, parsnips, and leeks.
  • We’ve had strawberries, there are apples, and 4 dwarf fruit trees are coming on
  • We’ve grown various herbs; including mint, basil, methi, coriander, chives, lemon balm, sage, and dill,
  • We have many types of flowers that attract local bees and last but not least – a partridge in a pair tree! (OK, there isn’t a partridge – but the pair tree is there!)
  • And the best Sunflowers in Smethwick!

We would like to say a big well done to everybody who has been involved in this project.