Work hasn’t stopped on our community allotment. We’re currently helping the allotment committee on another plot which sadly became overgrown due to the untimely passing of the plot holder Des, a retired engineer and excellent gardener. Our aim is to restore this plot to its original high standard and thus increase the amount of organic produce we’ll have for our local community.

On this Bearwood site, there are a handful of gardeners that continue to work their plots throughout the winter, the committed few, with mud for blood, that realise hard work now, makes it easier when the growing season starts.

Thankfully, we have some volunteers that are still as committed now, as they were in the summer. At the moment, with the mild weather, we’re resisting the temptation to sow seeds and concentrating on groundwork, preparing grow beds, creating compost bins, cleaning the greenhouse and polytunnels patiently waiting for the last frost to pass.


Dorothy Parkes plan to improve on the success we had last year, aiming to increase biodiversity and product yield, as well as visitor numbers to the plot. Involving more volunteers and further promoting homegrown produce.