The Government recommendation for physical activity is at least 150 minutes per week.

To help with this, PB fitness provides numerous hour long exercise classes which include a warm up and a cool down.

Who we are - Carl & Nic used to both work for MyTime Active when they were active in Sandwell and so both know their stuff with regard to nutritional information and motivational exercise sessions.

As we are all individuals and have our own levels of fitness, these classes are adaptable to anyone’s level. You just work to your own level within the class and don’t worry about how fast or active anyone else is!

In order to keep anyone from getting bored, the classes change every week. Circuits and Tabata are the main two types of exercise being utilised alongside an occasional exercise to music session.

Everything we do is in a relaxed atmosphere and there is usually a lot of silliness and laughter amid the exercise and encouragement.

If you want to be part of a group of likeminded people that try to keep humour going while working hard then give us a try.

We look forward to seeing you. Feel free to just turn up for the classes, all you need is a mask to enter the centre (which can be removed once the class has started) and some water for use during.