Sessions take place every Friday morning, with a cuppa and some conversation offered to anyone who drops in - and you can stay as little or as long as you like during the session time of 10-12.  Support and signposting to local services is also available.


After such a long time being cut off from one another, these meetings will be a good way to safely meet, mingle and make new connections.  It’s not just a coffee morning, we provide the place, but it’s the community who provide the presence and the participation.  We really want people to become involved and we have lots of ideas for the group.


The session is open to all and our Centre Volunteer Christeen who facilitates the session says “I looking forward to seeing our regulars each week, but we’re also keen to reach people who’ve not considered what a community centre might have to offer them. If you’ve been lonely, felt cooped up or just need a change of scene, pop in and see us.  You could drop in whilst out on your walk or if you’re working-from-home stop by for your tea break, everyone is welcomed”.


There is no need to book, just drop-in between 10 -12 on Fridays.

Find out more about the national Places of Welcome scheme. 

Open to everyone, so please drop in!