The Dorothy Parkes Centre Youth Club re-opened in August 2017 with new Senior Youth Worker, Karl, supported by two Youth Workers, Zach and Demarnay. The group is open to 11 - 15 year olds and they have access to the hall, meeting rooms and kitchen. A tuck shop has been introduced and the group have also benefited from the following:

* Multi-Sports sessions at Uplands Manor Primary School

* Halloween & Christmas Disco

* Pop-up youth pod to discuss gangs and violence in confidence

* Dance sessions

* Nail art sessions

* Free tickets to WBA match

Activities that take place include a variety of sports, games, crafts, and some members like to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi whilst chilling out!

We are currently waiting to find out if a funding application to Children in Need is successful and if so, the Youth Club will have funding to continue for another three years!

All new members are required to complete a registration form prior to them starting at the club which requires a signature from parent/carer. If you are interested in registering your child at the club and would like to speak with our Senior Youth Worker to find out more please complete the online enquiry form here