In January 2024 the DPC joined Communities in Sync (CIS). CIS is constituted as a Charitable Community Benefit Society in Sandwell with the primary objective to improve the well-being of local people, especially the most vulnerable, through the provision of high quality, responsive, services and initiatives. 

CIS creates a single point of contracting with the responsibility for setting up and managing sub-contracts with individual consortium member organisations. The currently combined turnover of the member organisations is over £7 million with a frontline staff-force in excess of 350 employees.

All member organisations meet a strict quality threshold and have the capacity, capability and experience of serving the community with a wide range of services. CIS also has access to a wide range of recognised community assets located throughout Sandwell, which combined with the grassroots and user-led nature of the member organisations ensures extensive reach into communities not easily accessible by mainstream and statutory providers.

In joining CIS, the DPC will benefit from:

  • Access to new opportunities/benefits
  • Opportunities to work in partnership with other organisations
  • A platform to share thoughts, ideas, knowledge and resources
  • Financial support for projects

We look forward to being part of working with CIS and member organisations.