Greetings, Dear FOTA’s (Friends of the Allotment), and, even though it's now early February… a Happy New Year to one and all!

Here is the latest ‘Blogbuster’ news update from the DPC Community Allotment.  Despite the ongoing Covid situation, we remain undeterred and things continue to happen at the Allotment albeit without your lovely selves.  Soon, and very soon, we hope.


With all social distancing and Covid compliance instructions in place, we welcomed a small ‘Blogerifffic’ team from Utilita Energy Ltd on-site and have now removed the very poorly and spikey Pyracantha hedge. This has created a more open space in which we’ll build some seating and plant up some ‘softer’ shrubs and flowers as part of the biodiversification of the plot.




Our grateful thanks also go to Bal and Hakam (Kalle Maintenance, Smethwick), two of the most wonderful builders of Community Allotment ‘Bus Shelters’ you could ever imagine.  They both gave up their time and expertise as an act of amazing kindness.  We have wanted to create the ‘Bus Shelter’ for many months and it’s great to see this new seating area coming into fruition.  Fruition! Did you like the ‘growing’ pun there! Blogtastic!

The ‘Bus Shelter’ timber was kindly donated by Arnold Laver Timber Merchants and the cladding was redeemed from going for scrap!  Talk about one man’s trash is another Community Allotment’s treasure!  Recycle, upcycle. Oh yes!

Thanks to the help from Ashley, one of our wonderful Site Managers, we have now replaced the glass in the greenhouse with acrylic. This will make things safer for when we can welcome ‘little uns’ and families to join in our amazing outdoor play activities.

Speaking of which….. (seamless link!) our wonderful Play Plot Team of volunteers are undertaking lots of training in order to be ready to offer a variety of outdoor play-related activities to said ‘little uns’ once things are up and running again. Watch this space and the main Dorothy Parkes Website for more details soon.

We’re still in touch with several groups of all ‘sizes and shapes’ that are just as keen as us to begin to use the Community Allotment facilities.  But, as ever, if your wonderful group wants to take advantage of our lovely green, open and interesting place to hold its meetings and activities then please contact the Centre on 0121 558 2998.

Kind wishes chums and, chums to be.