Aloha, fabulous FOTAstics (Friends of the Allotment)

On this lovely sunny day, this will be my final Blogerama.  Oh yes, it’s true! After three happy years it’s time to move on to pastures new. (Pastures! Pastures! Oh, the analogies!)  The Dorothy Parkes Centre will be interviewing soon for a new Allotment Project Coordinator.  So, the work will go on, (sounds like Celine!), which is bloggy brilliant!

As always, I would like to thank the ‘Jolly Vollies’, our volunteer team who help to maintain and develop the plot.  There is still much to do at the Allotment.  Growing, planting, building, painting, fixing and just enjoying!  We are always looking to recruit new volunteers to help maintain the plot and, we are always looking to invite groups down to use our lovely facilities.  Please contact the centre if you, your group or, your family wish to be involved with the Community Allotment in any way.

The Play Plot continues to thrive and grow. (Grow!  Oh yes!)  Very many thanks to Karen, Sam and the Play Plot Team who manage this blogtastic part of the Allotment Project brilliantly well.  Please go to check out the 'Events' section on the website for future dates and book a place for outdoor allotment-based play sessions for 3 - 9 year olds.  Mud kitchens, pebble painting, things to do with worms!  Marvellous!

There have been so many partnerships and friendships made along the way. Too many to acknowledge and thank everyone who has been involved with the Allotment Project.  However, I do wish to thank Richard Flatley especially for the amazing work he does with the Sandwell Networkers Group.  It is through this wonderful group that so many of our contacts and partnerships have been made.  Thank you, Richard!

Thanks also go to Viv and the Members of the Bearwood Road Allotments Committee.  They have been supportive and encouraging from the start of the Project.  Thank you, Committee.

Finally, more than thanks go to Rob and the staff here at the Centre.  They could not have been more helpful and supportive in my part of the Allotment’s journey.  Quite literally blood, sweat and tears!  What a team!

From wilderness to wonderfulness!

Blogetty best wishes to one and all.

God bless and happy growing!

Karen x