Greetings fellow FOTA’s (Friends of the Allotment)

Wonderful Wates!  ‘Bostin’ Bridges!  Lovely Lovells, Jolly Vollies!  Play Plotters!  Groups a go-go!

It’s all happening down on the plot.  Hooray!  Blogtastic!  We’ve been ‘waiting for Wates’ and then..…Covid!!  Since restrictions have eased a little, we’ve been able to welcome Wates (builders of the Aquatic Centre in Smethwick) back on the plot. Blogerrific!  They have helped us to finish various parts of the project e.g. the ‘Bus Shelter’ seating area and the ‘Picnic Spot’ for those who just want a quiet peaceful place for sitting and reflection.  They have also kindly built a base for the new shed. 

The funds for the new shed have been generously donated by Utilita Energy Company.  Their team is coming to the plot soon to get messy painting the said shed!  Very grateful thanks to all at Wates and Utilita for their kindness and generosity.

The Lovell Company are also donating materials so that we can complete the ‘Easy Access’ area, which will enable those with some mobility issues to enjoy planting and growing too.  Blognificant!  Much generosity and kindness from all.

We are so pleased that the Play Plot Project has finally started and we welcomed our first ‘crop’, (Get it! Get it!) of little ‘uns’ (3 – 9 yr olds) onto the Allotment Saturday 5th June.  A tremendous ‘thank you’ goes once again to Karen from Sandwell Go Play and Sam from Groundworks Sandwell for all their help and support.  Many thanks also go to the amazing volunteer Play Plot Team leaders who help deliver the programme each week.

Check out our news article for details of each ‘batch’ of sessions.  We hope to run several 3-session programmes of allotment based play activities throughout the coming months.  We are also looking for more folks who may be willing to help deliver and support our Play Plot programme.  If this is for you, please contact Fionnuala via her email: [email protected].



Marvelous Magda Iris, a digital artist, came on site to complete some sketches and take lots of images.  Magda will then create an amazing compilation collage of each of the different aspects of the Community Allotment.  Bloggety Brilliant!

We are also thrilled to welcome new groups onto the plot after such a long wait.  SAMHG (Sandwell Asian Mental Health Group) have started to use the site for relaxation and enjoying being out in the fresh air.  We are re-engaging with other groups that we had originally made contact with before Covid to encourage folks to use and enjoy the facilities.  If your group wishes to use the Community Allotment we would love to hear from you.

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Last but, by no means least, I would like to thank the ‘Jolly Vollies’, our volunteer team who help to maintain the plot and keep things neat (as neat as an allotment can be!) and growing well.  We never forget that we are an allotment after all.  Check out our onions!!!!!  On that note…..


Best wishes to one and all.

Happy Growing!

Karen Palmer Allotment Project Coordinator 

[email protected]