Greetings, fellow FOTAstics (Friends of the Allotment)

Time for a ‘catch-up’ from the Dorothy Parkes Community Allotment.  What a mixed weather bag we’ve had.  Droughts to deluge!  All part of allotment life.  Blogeriffic!  It’s great to be ‘nearly normal’ down at the plot.  We still have some Covid cautions in place, but we are now welcoming groups back on to site.  We would love you and your group to come and visit the allotment and begin to use our lovely facilities.  Contact details below…

Thanks to the generosity of Utilita Energy, we have now purchased a new shed for storage etc.  Their team will also be on site soon to paint said shed!  We had a great time recently at the Utilita first anniversary ‘do’ at their West Bromwich offices.  Bangra in the street no less!  It was great to be a part of this event as Utilita have done so much to support the community including our good selves.


We have also completed the building of the ‘Easy Access’ area for those folks who are less mobile.  We will be fitting specially adapted vegetable trugs so that more people can be included in life down at the plot.  Blogtastic!  If this part of the allotment sounds like something you or your group may be interested in, please give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you.


Adopt-a-Bed!  ‘What’s that’, I hear you cry!  If you want to do ‘a bit’ of gardening/growing but don’t have the facilities or don’t want to be too overwhelmed with the work or scale of things then, why not ‘Adopt-a-Bed’ at the Dorothy Parkes Community Allotment plot.  You can dig, plant, grow on a small and manageable bed whilst enjoying the peace and calm of our Community Allotment.  Contact the Centre for more details.  Come on and ‘give it a go’!


Another bloggetty brilliant part of being a Community Allotment is that we can be a part of supporting other projects.  For example…. The ‘Growing up Green’ project.  This is a week long Festival of events for all ages running across the West Midlands including Smethwick, Bearwood, Warley Woods from 18th-26th Sept.  Why not see if there is an event near you.  We are hosting two of our Play Plot sessions for 3-9 yr olds which will promote ‘Growing up Green’ ideas.  Reduce!  Reuse!  Recycle!  

As always, we would like to thank the ‘Jolly Vollies’, our volunteer team who help to maintain the plot, pick the pounds of beans (that’s kilos to you younger folk!), paint things, fix things and, Uncle Tom Cobley an’ all!


Best wishes to one and all.

Happy Growing!

Contact us at The Dorothy Parkes Centre  0121 558 2998 for all enquiries

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Karen Palmer Allotment Project Coordinator  [email protected]