Greetings, Dear FOTA’s,

I hope all are well and as happy as can be in this crazy, Covid climate! (Nice bit of alliteration for you there!)  Life down at Dotty’s Plot is going fine.  We are now building up a good team of regular volunteers who are really helping to tidy up the plot and move things forwards.  Well done and a big ‘Thank You’ to all the ‘jolly vollies’!

We have now harvested all the mature veg and donated most of it to Chris and her fantastic team at Smethwick Food Pantry.  We’ve planted up some new veg to grow over winter and are busy clearing a patch ready to cover it up and tuck it in for winter too.  Today, we’re planting spring bulbs and hope that the sneaky squirrels don’t sniff them out.

We still await the clearance of our large vegetable growing area and, like most of us, have been frustrated a little by Covid increases which have meant that the lovely team from Wates are now on standby until Sandwell lifts current restrictions.  We’ll just have to keep ‘digging in’.  ‘Digging in’!  Ha! Did you like that amazing play on words.

We closely abide by Sandwell and national Covid guidelines but, we are still hoping to hear from groups who may wish to use the facilities at the Community Allotment especially throughout the snowy winter. Yes! You read correctly.  We have ‘dry spaces’ including a large ‘classroom’, come big shed!  We want to encourage all types of local groups even if you’re not connected to gardening or digging etc.  Maybe a Book Club, Art Group etc.?

So, if your wonderful group wants a lovely green, open and interesting place to hold its meetings and activities then please contact the Centre on 0121 558 2998.

 Wonderful wishes to one and all.