Greetings, Dear FOTA’s (Friends of the Allotment)

Welcome again, to the latest enthralling DPC Allotment update!  Lots of new things happening down on the plot! 

Many thanks to the lovely volunteers who are helping maintain and develop things.  Pat cleared the ‘crazy paving’ area at the back of the ‘Big Shed’.  Derek is working on the mammoth task of strimming the hedge (inside and out!). Ralph has been strimming all the grass.  Rob has been smashing walls, watering and generally helping out.  I managed to cajole, encourage, persuade…some of my family members to help out with the construction of the two interior poly tunnel beds.  As you may remember, we have ‘named’ some of the beds e.g. Dave, Doug and, Doris! The polytunnel beds are… Pete and…Polly!  What else!

Daft, aren’t we! 


As you may imagine, we have to be very COVID -19 aware and systems are being put in place for all visitors and volunteers to the site.  That being said, we are really excited that several more people have expressed interest in volunteering at the allotment.  This is exactly what we are hoping for as we go forwards.  The allotment is there for, potentially, any and all who wish to be involved.  If that’s you, or, a group that you represent, then please contact the Centre on 0121 558 2998 or complete an online enquiry form.

It’s great to see the crops that we have planted beginning to come into fruition now.  Check out the picture of my cheese and …. DPC Community Allotment lettuce sandwich.  Our first lettuce!  Yum.


The five big veg beds are still to be erected but, this is high on the agenda of ‘things to do’ and we hope to have this part of the project completed in the next couple of weeks.

We’re really happy to be supporting the work of Christina and the team of Smethwick Foodbank & Food Pantry and donating some of the produce that’s now ready for use.

We are so pleased that the Sandwell Networkers Group Meetings are up and running again thanks to ZOOOOOOM and the amazingly hard work and commitment from the wonderful Richard Flatley. These meetings are great to be a part of and, they have helped us so much.  Thank you, Richard.

Well, friends, keep well and best wishes to you all as we continue the journey.