PollytunnelHello FOTA’s (Friends of the Allotment),

I hope you’re all well and happy.  What a damp and drizzly time we’ve been having!  However, we’re undeterred and things are coming along well at the Community Allotment.  Since our lovely Open Day launch event we’ve been really encouraged to have made some good links with various groups and agencies who want to use the allotment and be a part of the Dorothy Parkes allotment project.  Don’t forget, folks, we have a ‘performance’ space, the ‘Big Shed’ classroom and other spaces that are available and can be used in a variety of ways. Think ‘outside of the plot’!

We have been working with several groups of people ranging from young teenagers to older adults.  Some of our new friends have needed special care for a variety of reasons but, all who come down to the plot have a good time and achieve really positive things.  We’re now working with the Kaleidoscope Plus Group which is a great organization. Part of what they do is work with young people. Some of these youngsters will be coming to the plot and helping to design, develop and cultivate an area which will be great.  Fantastic to see young people joining in!

We’re still developing some parts of the allotment and we still need volunteers to help build seating areas and help cultivate our raised beds.  So, if you’re wanting fresh air, some exercise, a bit of company and you’re ‘out there’ somewhere, please get in touch and we would love you to join us at the Dorothy Parkes Community Allotment.

Soggy but, smiling!  Boggy but, bostin’!

Best wishes,


[email protected]

(07552 578117)